The BlockFi rewards visa card is an instant settlement visa card that rewards you with 3.5% paid in BTC for all purchases for the first 90 days. After that period, users will continue to get cashback at 1.5%. US only.

BlockFi Signup Bonus Terms Conditions and Information:

  • 3.5% BTC cashback is eligible for 3 months, capped at $100.  1.5% cashback paid in BTC after this, uncapped. 
  • The application does not affect credit score. 
  • No annual or foreign transaction fees. 
  • Only available in the US, in qualified states.
  • No token staking is required, or a minimum deposit to receive cashback.

Additional bonuses are included with the rewards visa including:

  • 0.25% cashback paid in BTC on eligible trades made through their exchange
  • Cashback increased from 1.5% to 2% for every dollar over $50,000 annual spend
  • Extra $30 refer a friend bonus on top of the regular BlockFi referral program.

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